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Fibreglass Cable Tray

FRP Cable Ladder, Fibreglass Instrument stands

Fibreglass Cable Tray, Duro Strut and Unistrut equivalents

FRP Cable Ladder &
Tray Systems

  • FRP cable ladders and trays
  • FRP Instrumentation trays
  • FRP covers, splice plates
    and accessories

FRP Instrument &
Push Button Stands

  • Floor, wall & ceiling mount stands
  • Single & multiple instrument options
  • Custom pushbutton stands

FRP Support & Accessories

  • FRP DuroStrut (double & single strut)
  • Cantilever supports
  • Pipe supports & racks

EXduro: Fibreglass/FRP Cable Ladder & Trays, Strut, Bolts, Instrumentation Stands

Treadwell's all-inclusive FRP and EXduro Range in Cable and Instrumentation Management is among the widest market range

Treadwell brings to its customers various cable instrumentation, something that is crucial in both domestic and industrial sectors, the latter being more important of the two consumers. The company offers fibre-reinforced plastic or FRP based cable instrumentations with the latest technology based solutions for the consumers.

FRP is one of the most on-demand materials that is used in cable fibres. It is made up of polymer based matrix fortified with fibres. These fibres are normally made up of carbon, glass, aramid or basalt. They can also be made of other materials such as asbestos, wood or paper. On the other hand, the polymers include “polyester thermosetting plastic” or vinylester or “phenol-formaldehyde resins”. FRP solutions are utilized in automotive, construction, aerospace and marine industries.

We offer FRP solutions like Fibreglass Cable ladder, Instrumentation Stands, Fibreglass Strut, Fibreglass bolts for clients in various platforms including large industries like refineries, petrochemical plants and other such sectors.

All these solutions are of high quality and are customized according to the needs of each of the clients. Thus, our customers matter the most to us and we make sure that they are satisfied to the fullest.

Our vast experience with installations in petrochemical complexes, mineral process plants and refineries, offshore platforms, desalination plants and FPSO’s and other vessels are the results of our ability to manufacture in-house and deliver on time and on budget.

If you have a unique design problem, chances are good we’ve encountered something similar before. Call 1800 246 800 today.

Our Product Range

FRP Instrument and Push Button Stands

To serve industrial needs in mounts and stands, our company offers floor, wall and ceiling mount stands, custom push button stands and single and multiple pushbutton stands.

FRP Support and Accessories

This product category includes Duro Strut, both double and single; cantilever supports and pipe supports and racks for industrial purposes.

FRP Cable Ladder and Tray Systems

The products in this category include fibreglass cable tray, FRP instrumentation, cable ladders, FRP covers, splice plates and other accessories. All these serve for industry-based requirements.

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